The City of Camagüey is also known as the Ciudad de los Tinajos de Arcilla (City of Clay Pots), and is the third biggest city in the island of Cuba, located between Ciego de Ávila and Las Tunas.

Camagüey is characterized by its unique urban plan. Its labyrinthine streets remind more of a Moroccan medina than to the typical orthogonal streets of the area. According to the legend, the reason of the winding streets and the narrow and hidden alleys was the solution to the fights with the pirates who used to attack the city. This curious street pattern was developed to confuse the invaders and protect the residents.

It was founded in 1514 as Santa María del Puerto Príncipe. Besides the independent fighter, Ignacio Agramonte, the city has given other celebrities like the poet Nicolás Guillén or the doctor Carlos J. Finlay, who discovered the causes of the yellow fever.