Villa Clara

Villa Clara is a province renowned for its history, culture, and beautiful beaches.
Santa Clara,the capital, is a must-see stop on your way through this region of central Cuba. The city was founded in 1689 by several families commemorated by a monument formed by columns located in the plaza of the Iglesia del Carmen (Church of Carmen). The place was the site of the last battle of the Cuban Revolution in late 1958. This victory is seen as the decisive moment in the Cuban Revolution, Che Guevara tomb and big monument is so much visited today.

As a tourist destination Villa Clara offers visitors a great variety of options that cover most of the tourist modalities, among the most recognized: Nature, Sun and Beach, Culture and Health. The territory has an exclusive diversity of species in flora and fauna such as colonies of pink flamingos and beautiful coral reefs. specially in the well known cayos of Villa Clara:,Cayo Santa Maria.,Brujas and Ensenachos